Worst celebrity tips about coronavirus

Along with perfectly healthy people wearing masks, another problem associated with coronavirus is the number of people storing food and household goods. So far we have all seen the video people in a panic are fighting for toilet paper and masses of people scramble to buy what they need, In accordance with CNBCthis even led some grocers to limit the amount of food people could buy and convince shoppers to stop storing. As noted in the article: “Buying out of panic has called into question the supply chains of grocery stores, because shelves are being cleared faster than usual, and workers must race to keep up.”

One person who didn’t receive the “stop accumulating toilet paper” note? O.J. Simpson. Taking to twitterThe former football star published a photo of her exit from Kostko with a full cart with supplies, including two 30 packages of toilet paper, several packages of bottled water, paper cups and paper towels. He signed a photograph that read “Coronavirus? Who's scared? ”

While some users responded to Simpson's tweet reminders that there are less fortunate people who can’t buy what they need right now, because the shelves are empty, others have chosen a more comedic approach, including one user, who slandered"Oh my god, juice. It's a coronavirus. Not dysentery. Are you having stomach problems?"

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