Why did Melania Trump tweet outrage

March 11, Melania Trump went on twitter share updated information about COVID-19 and say: “Our great country is actively fighting with #Coronavirus. This nation is strong and ready, and we will win. Please take measures to prevent further spread. ” Melania also added a site for Centers for Disease Control and PreventionWhile all this was good and good, people on Twitter called the first lady for her delay in responding to COVID-19.

One Twitter User wrote“Where was it a few weeks ago? All I heard is blaming the Democrats. Tests are needed, and we are behind the “eighth ball”. The blame lies right on the cards. ” Another man called Trump through Melania, pointing to the slow reaction of the White House as a whole ask“Why is Donald Trump currently introducing a 30-day European travel ban? "#Coronavirus is already here, he should have taken it seriously a few weeks ago."

In accordance with Political outbreakMany on Twitter are asking Melania to use her influence to gain more access to testing. “If you care about the well-being of the people your husband serves,” one person said tweeted“Then tell him we need more virus tests. 8 tests performed by CDC in one day are not enough. We need accurate testing. Be able and do what is right. The test for covid-19 will be available now. ”

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