Where does Mindy Kaling live and how big is her house?

Only this month Los angeles times Based on public data, it turned out that Mindy Kaling acquired the beautiful beach house of singer Frank Sinatra in Malibu for $ 9.55 million. Her 8,824-square-foot oceanfront mansion with gigantic windows also has a terrace, pool and patio with ocean views, an elevator, seven bedrooms and nine bathtubs.

The property is located on Broad Beach, where other famous names reside (or are located in one place) such as Stephen Spielberg, Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman, among others, Limewave, At some point, even Meghan Markle and Harry looked after real estate in the surrounding area, according to Sun USA,

Kaling was engaged in the exchange of houses, which led to a large purchase, since 2017 selling two houses for 1.61 million dollars and 1,955 million dollarsrespectively for individual Los Angeles time reports. It is clear that her last purchase was an update.

If we were quarantined in her house on Malibu Beach during coronavirus pandemicwe would not mind either.

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