What we learned from the Spurs loss to the Lakers

As a fiancé Spurs If you love the waves at the beginning of the season, a game like this offers you two options to its conclusion. On one side, you can be encouraged by the fact that the team managed to fight their way through 19 points less in the 2nd half, against a big competitor, which is important to everyone. to the fact that the season is still incredibly young and that having a very long way to go. On the other hand, you are more than welcome to look away and start to realize some of the harsh realities that seemed to be on the screen tonight. The choice belongs.

Let's do the bad news first. In this league, you are increasingly judged by the best talents in your lineup, your best players. In this particular match, the Lakers the best players were James Lebron and Anthony Davis. The best Spurs players were DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge. There are not many ways to do the math on the one where the Spurs are in the lead. We are told time and time again that the team with the best players usually wins and that the Spurs have two very good players, but no matter how the rest of the line comes out, it becomes more and more obvious that this little equation will continue. to raise his head over the season.

It's a real disappointment! I like DeMar and LaMarcus and I sincerely love the team that the Spurs are putting together, but it's hard not to watch a match like this and ignore the ceiling obviously limited that this duo will face again and again. I often found myself wanting to excuse their poor game in this game by saying, "Well, LeBron and AD are just really tough confrontations for these guys." This statement is both very true and also a problem who is not going anywhere. I am the captain of United States Too early to draw big conclusions, but it is illogical to bet suddenly on two veteran stars, emerging from nowhere, jumping one level. It is not too early to think that.

Which brings us back to the good news. Despite the obvious disparity of the talents of the team, this game was very winnable! The same could be said of the match against Mowers last Thursday. The Spurs never give up. They hung out there, did plays and came in a Dwight Howard An extraordinary experience after a comeback that would have really turned the heads of the league. It's not nothing. This team may have limitations, but it's still really good. It's smart, it's hard, and it's going to cause a lot of problems for a lot of people. They may not win a title this year, but they are going to be fun to look for.

You want reasons to be optimistic? The days of LaMarcus and DeMar being the two best players on the Spurs are likely to end sooner than expected, largely thanks to this elastic kid in the No. 5 jersey. Dejounte Murray in the 2nd half. All of his tools were on display as he threw the team on his back and besieged the Lakers in the far right, especially after. Derrick White (who himself spent a good night) was briefly eliminated from the match thanks to Howard's heavy fault. Dejounte is the future and the future is promising.

This back and forth between the present and the future is the beating heart of this Spurs season. I've been a little frustrated by the constant demand for more Lonnie Walker IV minutes, but I understand. Whether we recognize it or not, Spurs fans are perfectly aware of the limited ceiling of this team and I think the best way to ignore it is to focus on the unlimited possibilities of young people. Who knows how good Derrick can be? Who knows what Dejounte can do? We do not see Lonnie as an untested kid who may not be ready yet; we see a source of unexploited potential wither on the bench, while Marco tries another three imbalance inside his defender's t-shirt.

It's frustrating and I understand it. It's a good team, maybe one of the best in the league and it's sometimes very difficult to reconcile the ideals of an extremely good team, but just not good enough. DeMar and LaMarcus and all the other guys we continue to be frustrated with are trying to keep the Spurs from slipping and slipping to become the Kings Sacramento. They help lay the foundation for this future that we are all passionate about. Is it enough to stay engaged and entertained throughout the basketball season?

I do not know. As I said at the top, Spurs fans now have to choose between several options. In my opinion, you can spend this time being constantly crazy about what the future has not happened yet, or getting excited about the fact that it seems to be on the right track. I know which one seems more fun for me.

To take away

  • Anthony Davis is a cheat code. He is very tall, he is incredibly sporty, and he also turns off the lights? It's absurd. I know I'm not reinventing the wheel here with my taking "AD is talented", but I think it's easy to forget what he looks like at the top of his powers when you're not watching him overnight after night. . How is he supposed to keep a pick-n-roll Lebron James-Anthony Davis? Seeing this happen in real time, it was like watching a deadly robot take consciousness.
  • I have nothing extremely insightful about this sequence of events so instead, I'll just take off my t-shirt and run around the streets shouting "HAVE- YOU HEARD THE RIGHT NEW ON DEJOUNTE MURRAY?!?!? somebody stop me.
  • It is absolutely brutal to see our nice boy Danny Green, adorned with purple and gold. What a cruel twist of fate. As tradition has it, he did not have a good night of shooting against us because it's a real one that includes the concept of family, but it was always difficult to see him, not only in a different jersey, but in a dreaded Laker. start-up. I'm glad it's booming.
  • Recently, on this very site, I made poetry about the potential of Jakob Poeltl to be a secret weapon for the Spurs. He quickly reimbursed me by having maybe his worst game of all time as Spur Sunday night? Is it safe to say? Jakob spent most of the 2nd half alternating between painstaking manipulation attempts in painting at one end and Howard's usual routine aggression at the other end. I am still convinced that it is a useful tool in the list of Spurs, but I will not lie to you, it was a difficult evening at the headquarters of the campaign of the 6th Man of the Year by Jakob Poeltl.
  • WATCH TIM DUNCAN FIT: This one was a real stinky guy. Big Fun went with the decidedly No Fun combo of black blazer, white shirt, gray pants for the second time of the season and this is just the lows. I think he'll probably have rehearsal gear as the season progresses, but I was hoping we would go a bit further before seeing this guy again. I hate just about everything about him. It's boring, but the work is done. It's not very exciting, but it's not very controversial. It's in the middle. This is plain oatmeal. It's … oh no … oh my God … it's … fundamental? VS-

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