What really happens between rich kid morgan stewart

Morgan Stewart said her marriage ends on Instagram Story in August 2019. “Brendan (Fitzpatrick) and I spent six wonderful years together, but we made the difficult decision to go in different ways,” E! news Nightly pop host announced (via people.) She said that “their reason for breaking up has nothing to do with anything but two people who, unfortunately, split up, deciding what is best for them at the next stage of their life.”

Earlier in 2019, Stuart was accused of having entered into an inappropriate relationship with married E! executive named Bryce Christensen. In accordance with Page sixSources claim the network investigated, but Christensen and Stewart have denied the rumors.

Roman Stuart and Fitzpatrick played out in the eyes of the public. They grew fame Rich Beverly Hills kids, and he made an offer on the show in 2015. In January 2020, Stuart was excited to talk about their separation. “Love and marriage are two different things,” she said at Episode E! news Daily pop, “You love someone, you marry them, but marriage is an act of work every single day. Some people simply don’t have what it takes to do this with the person they married. ”

She pointed out that filing for divorce was a long game, noting that they "do not function as two people who can give birth to children in the world, to be together at 45, we just don’t have that …"

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