What happened to the illegal tiger cub?

The Tyga tiger currently lives in California, California, on animal rescue Lions, Tigers & Bears. It has since been named Maverick and weighs over 400 pounds, according to rescue site,

Ever since Maverick arrived, Taiga allegedly had nothing to do with saving animals. In fact, Lions, Tigers & Bears founder and director Bobby Brink cast the rapper on TMZclaiming that Taiga didn’t pay a dime to cover the costs of the tiger. Salvation depends on donations for caring for animals, and for such a large tiger as Maverick, the food bill alone is “more than 10 thousand dollars a year”. TMZ reported, plus "veterinarian expenses, flea control and general maintenance."

The site says that Maverick, born in September 2013, lives on salvation from nine months. “The story of Maverick is a great example of what happens when people decide that they want a wild animal for a pet,” the organization said. “Of course, they are cute for several months, but then the reality of the situation comes. Wild instincts begin to emerge, it becomes difficult to cope with and they pose an extreme risk to the community, leaving the animal in front of an uncertain future. Exotic animals are NOT pets!

We are glad that Maverick is doing well. Perhaps Tyga should consider rebranding with a more appropriate nickname. Gold fish? Ant farm? How about something very simple, such as a home factory?

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