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More than anything, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll believes in the importance of owning football.

“It's about the ball” is one of Carroll’s core principles. Monday night against the San Francisco 49ers, the Seahawks did not follow this message very well.

Seattle fumbled the ball five times, losing three against 49ers and Russell Wilson was intercepted overtime as part of the four Seahawks revolutions. While it was only the second time this season, Wilson was intercepted, the Seahawks now lost 11 balls in a season in 10 games.

“This is the most important aspect of our program, but it is not good enough. We do not do it well enough. Our guys are not buying well, ”Carroll said on Tuesday.

Sea hawks have never lost more than 11 balls for the entire season under the control of Carroll. Seattle lost 11 goals in 2010 during Carroll's first season as head coach. Last season, they had only five games lost and only six in 2017. Seahawks already has 11 lost games in 10 games this year. Monday evening was the first game of the regular season in 10 years when the Seahawks head coach beat Kerhols despite turning the ball over at least four times.

The NFC Championship victory over Green Bay packers in January 2015 was a five-turn game for Seattle.

“We won't have a chance,” Carroll said. “We will not have a chance if this continues. You cannot win like that. We are so lucky. Think about how lucky we are to win this game, in such a tense game, and kick the ball all over the field. Terrible. "

Carroll pointed to D.K. MetcalfFidgeting on a 2-yard line when he was insecure 49ers Yakiski Tartt as he tried to knock several defenders into the final zone as a circumstance when they should be smarter with respect to their situational awareness.

“Last night, I was sitting on a plane with DK and talking about how he should decrypt when it is time and when not time to continue to fight,” Carroll said. “He has been in a situation several times already. He is so strong that he just does not fall. This allows many guys to shoot him, and we cannot allow that.

“There is a real presence of mind that is critical to protecting football. You need to know when to follow the path of attacking you. He doesn't have it yet. He is fighting and damn strong. It’s hard for him to go down. This makes him vulnerable. It was an incredible game. He almost scored a touchdown right there. He didn't even have to be close, but that made him vulnerable. This is already happening to make some better decisions than this.

The New York Giants is the only league team to have lost more balls in 10 weeks since they lost 14 balls. defender Daniel Jones only nine lost balls Chris Carson he has four lost riots, Metcalf has two, and Russell Wilson C.J. Prosise, Rashaad Penny as well as Germaine Ifedi everyone has one. The team also has a lost mess on an interrupted click.

“It's all about conscience,” Carroll said. “It’s not about“ how I want to run ”or“ I don’t care, I’m going to take the first blow. ” It is about how you get with the right mentality, with the ball to the right place and protect it, as we can do. I hope this segment will change this. "

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