Ways underline the importance of Australian social housing

Courtesy: University of Adelaide.

At some point, up to 10 percent of Australians call social housing home, and it often serves as a launching pad for a more stable life.

new report University of Adelaide Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) shows who uses social housing and the paths that they lead to and from the sector.

“On any given night in Australia, just over four percent of households rent social housing. However, for short, and sometimes recurring periods, many more people live in it than this, ”says Emma Baker, professor of housing research at Adelaide University.

“Social housing represents different things — a long-term home, a springboard or a safety net — for different people.”

An analysis using nationally linked longitudinal data for 2000–2015 provides insights into how Australians use social housing.

“More than a quarter of all routes in the sector were made young people“As a rule, the natives of Australia are indigenous and unemployed who have repeatedly entered and exited social housing,” says Professor Baker.

“Long-term residents of social housing are likely to older women, average age 60 years old, receiving an old-age pension and disability benefits,

“People who left social housing to never return were women (average age 50 years old) receiving unemployment and disability benefits, while refugees and other people born abroad went in and stayed in social housing.”

In the late 1980s, Australia’s share of social housing peaked at just over seven percent, then plummeted to about five percent in the mid-90s, followed by a slower decline since then.

“Despite the shrinking of this sector and the relative lack of investment in it, social housing does much more than just the nursing home, the sick and the most disadvantaged people in our society,” says Professor Baker.

“Our social housing infrastructure has certainly been part of the housing experience of many Australians or their parents.

"The effectiveness of social Housing like a springboard in home ownershipor a temporary safety net is underestimated if its value to Australian society is measured by only four percent of the population in which it currently resides.

“The sector plays an important role in stabilizing life and enhancing well-being. These important functions should be protected in the future as pressure on the sector continues to grow. ”

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Emma Baker et al. Exit points from social housing, results and future paths: analysis of administrative data, AHURI Final Report (2020). DOI: 10.18408 / ahuri-3119901

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