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He's back, but he's not really back.

Washington's tackle Trent Williams reported to the team on Tuesday. JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington reports, however, that Williams "do not have the intention to play this season. "

The strategy highlights the fact that Williams showed for a reason and a single reason: For get a credit for the current year of his contract. If the case is paid, it will be under contract until 2021; otherwise, he will be a free agent after 2020.

This becomes an important distinction if / when Washington tries to trade Williams in the offseason. If the new team gets Williams under contract for two years, she would probably be ready to give up more than if her contract was only signed for one year.

Washington will surely not pay his $ 10.85 million salary, if Williams will not really play this year. And if Washington claims the contract is fixed rate, Washington will do it.

At this point, Washington's goals become simple if Williams really does not intend to play. They will want to pay as little as possible in 2019 and will have to get as much as possible by 2020.

So, basically, it's not over. It may only begin.

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