The untold truth of Sasha Banks' husband

In addition to reports of their romantic dates and relaxing family time, Sarat Ton is always in the corner of his wife – at least in a figurative sense.

In 2019 after Sasha Banks Loses Her WWE Women's Team Championship at WrestleMania and canceled an interview with talk show host Wendy Williams, Ton took on Twitter to uphold his lead lady and a hint of possible exit from WWE,

“There comes a moment in life when passion and pleasure intersect with business and finance. When a reasonable choice is completely contrary to the right one. And when this time comes, some people will understand, but most people will not, ” He wrote, "They will talk about you. They will ask if you made a mistake. They will cry because they miss you. They will laugh and say good deliverance. But at the end of the day. Your choice is yours. "

In accordance with ForbesBanks suggested that she wanted to leave WWE for a while, but her shocking loss at WrestleMania 35 seemed like the last straw. However, neither Banks nor Tone have parted ways with WWE yet.

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