The untold truth of Kenny Rogers' wife, Wanda Miller

Kenny Rogers and Wanda Miller supposedly met when the singer was on a blind dateMiller was the owner of the restaurant, and according to Valdosta Daily Timesa superstar later called to inquire about her. After much persuasion from her colleagues, Miller said: “I called him back, but I never thought that I would meet him.”

They did it, but it turned out to be more difficult to defeat the Miller family. In an interview since 2012 Fox newsthe village singer recalled a tense conversation with her parents. “They called me when we started dating, and said:“ We want you to know that we don’t value what you do with our daughter, ”and I said:“ First of all, I don’t blame you. I think I will do it too, but I will make you a promise. I will never lie to her and I will never lie to you. "" The fact that Miller was about 28 years younger than Rogers – and only two years younger than her parents. – was a stumbling block with his future relatives.

This hostility has changed over time. “Now they are my best friends,” Rogers said. The marriage prospered, and in 2004 Rogers and Miller became parents for twin boys. Justin and Jordan“She is truly my soul mate. She knows me better than anyone knew me before, ”Rogers said. Fox news, “She is the most phenomenal mother I have ever seen. The boys are so lucky that she is, and so am I. ”

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