The untold truth of husband Megan McCain

Megan McCain is known as Viewright co-hosttherefore, it is not surprising that her husband, Ben Domenech, is a “conservative blogger,” according to Women Health, Outlet also notes that Domenech is the founder Federalist, a site that covers politics, religion and culture. During the episode The ViewMcCain explained that Domenech "has been working in politics for a long time," so he was "not so scared" of her world – he was also not used to scandal.

Domenek was apparently “associated with several contradictions,” according to Women Health. According to Daily mail, one blogger resignation scandal The washington postA conservative blog three days after it was hired after claiming that “he plagiarized some of his previous works from articles that were originally published” in other publications. Domenech was also in trouble when “he claimed that then Supreme Court candidate Elena Kagan was potentially the first openly gay candidate for this position,” according to Good housekeepingWhen the White House entered, he "wrote a piece apologizing to Elena. “He was also accused of being paid to write“ propaganda for the Malaysian government, ”according to Buzzfeed News,

For all this, despite the scandals, McCain seems to be pleased with her husband.

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