The Untold Truth of Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron

In the midst of growing concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron decided to create a base in Florida. In addition, it would seem that the most magnificent quarantine team in the world has been assembled. Tyler’s brother, Ryan Cameron, and his best friend Matt James, who will appear on Claire Crowley Season hen-party, which the was delayed due to coronavirus, The above-mentioned people, along with several others, make up the “Quarantine Brigade”, which now has its own TikTok account. Like a group "official launch" the team posted the cutest TikTok video ever dancing to Megan The Stallion’s song "Savage".

Moreover, despite the fact that Hannah and Tyler were literally shackled together at this time of quarantine (not to mention the fact that almost all the bachelor’s people are rooting for falling in love again), apparently, they are not together again. According to Us weekly The source, while Hannah and Tyler are “very fond of each other”, at the moment they are just “great friends”.

Pffff, let's see. Even other Bachelor Nation alumni are skeptical. March 18, 2020, Tyler tweeted that the fans had to leave his house alone (so that he would not throw eggs at them), in which Demi Burnett answered“I cooked eggs and am ready to make a salad with you and Hannah.”

Although it is unclear whether Demi will be the third wheel or just a third party, at least Hannah and Tyler are back together and support each other.

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