The Untold Truth About Taylor Swift and Joe Alvin

Taylor Swift and Joe Alvin may have decided to keep their relationship relatively confidential, but this did not stop the fans from discussing the status of their situation. That's why rumors circulated possible secret interaction in February 2020, when the singer “Look what you made me do” was spotted in her Miss americana a documentary with a shining stone on her ring finger.

While they may not have confirmed whether Alvin put forward the question (or perhaps Swift was the one who stood and sank to one knee), the couple “definitely” really want to get married, according to a source that opened to Us weekly March 24, 2020. “(They) talked about their future and marriage. They don’t have a deadline, but they love it very much. ”

If Swift and Alvin really got engaged and decided not to inform the public, then they could very well go on and do the same if and when they finally get in touch. Honestly, they will not be the first stars choose a secret wedding,

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