The Untold Truth About Michelle Williams' New Husband

Besides direction Hamilton and In heightThomas Cale is known for his directors of the television comedy, 2 Broke Girls, and Grease Live!Kail also dabbled in another entertainment arena, the executive produced a mini-series. Foss / VerdonNot too shabby, right? However, success was not always easy for Cale, despite his impressive resume. In fact, a Virginia native once worked on odd jobs before fulfilling his dream. “Then, when I was just 28 years old, I realized that I was going to meet people I knew from my daily work as a personal assistant,” he explained in poll with director Anne Kaufman. “And they will say,“ Oh, why are you here? "And I said:" This is another thing that I do. I am also a director. ”

Realizing that he should be the director "completely", Cale made a "jump", which changed the course of his life. “… I was not comfortable saying that I was a director while I had another job,” he said. “But, until I said this, no one else was going to say it. So I told my boss: “I will find you someone who will replace me. But I think I should try my best to become a director. ”

Obviously, Cale’s work paid off. According to rumors, husband Michelle Williams won Tony in 2016 For the best direction of the musical, and he shot the upcoming movie version Hamilton,

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