The untold truth about Ariana Grande's new boyfriend

While it seems impossible to keep the world of Instagram Stories secret for a long time, it’s clear that Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez try to keep things as private as possible. However, the pop singer is following Gomez on Instagram and some of her friends as well Elle indicates, including: Alfredo Flores, Scott Nicholson and Courtney Cipolone. Interestingly, Gomez recently made his Instagram account closed, as if preparing for a wave of public attention.

At the end of 2019, there were rumors that Grande met Mikey Foster of Social HouseBut Grande's brother, Frankie Grande, jumped on Twitter to clarify that his sister had not seen anyone. “My sister is not in a relationship,” he said in a remote tweet (via people) “Everyone is relaxing. She is very lonely. " It happened almost a year later. Grand's very public participation with Pete Davidson is over,

This new relationship between Grande and Gomez will be the first (what we know) after Grande’s relationship with Davidson, and it looks like she’s choosing way more privacy this time. Although we would like to know all the details, we just have to wait. At least she is in good company during quarantine!

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