The Untold Truth About Aaron Carter, Melanie Martin

Aaron Carter keeps making headlines every time he presents a new face tattooand this is no exception. 10th of March Page six reported that Carter’s last tattoo was the name of his girlfriend Melanie Martin over his right eyebrow. While Carter is not accustomed to meeting with the tatami, he first signs the person’s name in the front and center.

The couple dated a little over three months before he got a tattoo, according to Page six, And given the fact that Martin was in first place on Carter's face, we assume that the couple got close enough quickly. The singer confirmed his relationship with Martin on Instagram in January, and the two regularly posted photos of hugging, kissing and hugging on their social networks.

Obviously, they took each other very seriously, and although fans know a lot about Carter, Martin is not so famous. We learned from Explosion that she is an Instagram model with over 168,000 followers. Martin of Bulgarian descent, she is about 30 years old.

While Martin has yet to report her arrest or any claims from Carter, she previously published Instagram March 22 signedall you need is love @aaroncarter. "

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