The truth about the friendship of Madison and Selena Gomez

Although the fans were shocked to see the two women together, Entertainment tonight explained that the couple met through Hillsong Church and because of their Christian background, “Prewett and Gomez have many mutual friends, and they really unite in the same expanded social group.” ET also reported Selena Gomez renewed interest in her Christian faithSo her friendship with Madison Prewett makes sense.

when TMZ stopped Peter Weber when he was running on business, they surprised him with news of Madi's new friendship. He said he did not know that they were hanging out. Still, Bachelor fans will remember Vera Madi was so important to her throughout the season. In fact, it was for this reason that she left Peter in Australia after learning that he was sex with other members at Fantasy Suites,

In accordance with peopleMadi listed their differences when she decided to leave St. Petersburg to Australia and faith was clearly part of the list: “I think that more attention has been paid to the last day or so — for example, how much we differ when it comes to marriage, when it comes to faith, when it comes to lifestyle … I don’t know that we are the best for each other. "

I will tell you who it seems that they are the best for each other: Madi and Selena Gomez.

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