The truth about the crowns and tiaras of the royal family

So what is the difference between a crown and a tiara? To begin with, tiaras are worn only by women, while crowns are worn by both men and women, City and Country pointed out. While the tiara functions primarily as a glamorous decoration, the crown symbolizes royal power. Crown – according to what expert Jeffrey Mann said City and Country – “These are not jewelry, but regalia, which have a symbolic function associated with sovereignty and nobility.”

Another fun fact: the little crown is called the crown. In accordance with insiderthe queen wore coronets, while her father, King George VI, was still king. Men usually wear coronets only during coronation, except in very rare cases. For example, the last time Prince Charles wore a crown in 1969.

In accordance with Historic Royal Palacesthis crown is first on display at the Tower of Jewelery in the Tower of London. In fact, many of the Crown Jewels are displayed in the Tower under the guard of armed guards. Other parts of the Queen's collection are housed in Royal Collection Trust – although technically this includes all the royal palaces, residences and art galleries, so the collections are not stored in one place, but rather distributed throughout the United Kingdom.

If you ever manage to check the jewels of the royal family, now you will learn more about the background behind them.

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