The Truth About Selena Gomez's Bipolar Diagnosis

There may be a lot of stigma associated with mental health problems, reality, Selena Gomez knows too well. “I think people are afraid of it, and I saw it, even in my own family … I'm from Texas, it’s unknown to talk about your mental health,” she says. explained Miley Cyrus. “You have to look cool, and then I see that anger builds up in children, adolescents or adults, because they so much want to [talk about it].”

Since then, Gomez has taken a different mindset, adding: “So I just feel that when I finally said what I was going to say, I wanted to know everything about it, and that lifted the fear,” she said.

The musician again expressed this fearlessness when she publicly discussed the intersection of her physical and mental health in an interview with amazed, "Passing through lupus and kidney transplant“I was dealing with fame and exhaustion, I was dealing with depression, anxiety and other mental health problems that I had,” she admitted. “All of this was a little confusing.”

The star was able to overcome this complicated period with the help of music, the culmination of which became final ballad of breaking up, "Lose you to love me." She said amazed“I was able to release a song that we hope will help to heal some people, or just let them know that they are not alone … And that’s why I’m grateful for the chapters of my life.”

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