The Truth About Anna Camp's New Guy

Anne Camp's new love, Michael Johnson, spent most of her time in the spotlight. As a former drummer of the punk band SoCal New beat fundJohnson cannot imagine what exists outside the musical world. “For me, growing up listening to music was only one of the most influential things in my life, so I just wanted to do it. When I started making music, I didn't do anything else, ”Johnson said. Orion in 2016.

Johnson who once from one of Camp Brittany Snow's starsbegan his musical career in 1999 with a group of boys Natural. After Natural Split, Johnson joined the New Beat Fund, exchanging his pop story for punk vibration. “When people meet us, they say:“ You guys are weird, but it's fun! "Said Johnson through the biography of the New Beat Fund (via 7S MGMT) “We want people to be cool, being weird and thinking about things differently … that’s the whole spirit of our group. Just being weird and free. ”

Although Johnson may be a free agent these days in a musical sense, Johnson personally looks more than happy to be picked up.

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