The truth about a lot younger than the former Andy Cohen

In Andy Cohen's book, he described the man — whom we are supposed to call Clifton Dassunkao — as an “apparently very intelligent” and “delightful” Ph.D. student. Cohen also noted that Dasunsao had “peripheral knowledge” about him, which seems to be inappropriate Radar OnlineClaims about their separation. But before we get to this, let's go back to the following: in March 2018, Bravo Honcho confirmed Entertainment tonight that he was "alone" again. My father did not give a reason for the split, although he shared a wish list for his Mr. Wright, saying: “Someone who is very independent, someone who has their own thing. Maybe the one who never saw Real housewives. "

Concerning Radar OnlineIn this story, a source claimed that Dassuncao "wanted to attend the ball with Andy and Sarah Jessica Parkerand that was the last straw. " An insider added about Cohen: “He is happy to reveal the life of his friends on the list, but if he thinks that someone is using him to become famous, he will drop them. "

However, Cohen’s spokesman said the charges were “completely fabricated” and “clearly not credible.” This makes sense, since the Instagram account, possibly owned by Dassunkao, is private, and he never publicly commented on the pairing.

Of course, we wish Cohen good luck in his next relationship.

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