The tragic story of Jimmy Kimmel

Unlike his brothers, leading night talk shows, Jimmy Kimmel did not begin his professional life as a comedian or comedian – he was a radio amateur. At the age of 16, he got a seat on the college radio station in a Sunday evening interview program. “I would talk to local eccentrics,” Kimmel said. HuffpostEnrolled at Arizona State University in the late 1980s, he received his first paid radio concert at a station in Phoenix, Arizona, which he took full time after getting married.

Radio can be an itinerant profession, holiday, or hunger, with staff reductions, format changes, and moving to places where jobs are a constant threat to job stability. About a year after he started working at that station in Phoenix, all the staff was fired and he jumped to work in Seattle, Washington. He was fired from this concert in less than a year, and the same thing happened with his next job, at Tampa Station, Florida. Kimmel then landed in Palm Springs, California, and turned out to be so popular that a large radio station in Tucson, Arizona lured him … just to let go after 11 months on air. In the end, he found continued success on the radio in Los Angeles (which led to his career television appearances).

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