The tragic life of Meredith Vieirat

Meredith Vieira's husband, an old journalist Richard Cohen, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 25. His father and grandmother also suffered from a disease that he called a “family disease” in a 2019 interview with Yahoo lifestyle“I dropped the coffee pot for no reason. I fell off the curb for no reason. I noticed a slight numbness in my leg, ”he explained. “I was very active physically, and I thought I was really winning. I lived in denial. "

Cohen lived with the disease for ten years before he met his future wife 32 years old, but he immediately let her know. “She didn't blink,” he said at the outlet. Although he tried to hide his diagnosis from everyone else, Cohen found out that keeping him a secret was not a “happy way to live.” Now he is talking to others “newly diagnosed with MS” to offer practical advice and emotional support. “You do not need to control this,” he said. “I look at our three children, I look at our relationship, I wrote four books … what should I complain about?”

During an interview with peopleVieira explained that they are dealing with Cohen's “chronic illness”, having the ability to “express” to each other about the “limitations” that they impose on their relationship, but they prefer not to “dwell” on them for too long. “So many people are dealing with things, and this puts them in perspective,” she explained.

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