The shady side of Ezra Miller

Along with his work as lawyer for the LGBTQ community Ezra Miller was candid member and a supporter of the movements #MeToo and #TimesUp. This made him even more shocking when an actor who is known for doing so much good hit the headlines for looking very, very bad. In April 2020, a star showed herself a villain when a video surfaced on twitter what is depicted Justice league The star, it would seem, is choking a woman.

In accordance with diversity, The incident occurred around 6 pm. after Miller was approached by a group of “assertive” fans in a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland called “Caffius Outfit”. In the video, a woman prepares herself for what looks like a game fight. Miller seems to be asking, "Did you want to fight?" before grabbing a woman by the throat and pushing her to the ground when an observer shouts: "Wow, brother. Bro!"

Although it’s impossible to tell if Miller was joking with the video, DIVERSITY The source said that it was “serious bickering,” and the actor was escorted from the premises. In accordance with ET Canada, The video was originally posted on Redditwhere someone who claimed to be at the scene claimed that Miller spat on them and the staff, showed them scars from previous fights and stood barefoot “for at least 10 minutes” while the bouncers were waiting for the police. At the time of this writing, Miller has not yet publicly commented.

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