The reason why the children of Mila Kunis will not have a trust fund

It goes without saying, but there is no “right” way of raising children. Each family should be allowed to do what is best for them, and for Mili Kunis this means that her children know the price of a hard-earned dollar. “It's about teaching them from a very young age that, you know,“ mom and dad may have a dollar, but you are poor, ”she explained in the episode Kyle and Jackie O Show (through babble) “You are very poor, you have nothing. Mom and Dad have a bank account. ” "Ha!

Speaking of Mom and Dad's bank account, Kutcher reportedly has net worth $ 200 million till Kunis has an impressive $ 65 million – Impressive. Kunis who immigrated to the USA from Ukraine at the age of 7 with little money, it also turned out that her husband was on board with her plan. “The only topic of conversation that we had before when we had children was always:“ How do you raise a child in order not to be **? "" She added. "This is so important because we both came from rather solid poverty, grew up very poorly, did a lot ourselves and understand perfectly how much the dollar is worth. They don’t give us anything."

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