The reason Melania Trump doesn't go to Barron's games

Despite her efforts to help the Americans, who are spreading the new coronavirus, Melania Trump has faced a serious negative reaction to the reaction of the coronavirus (or lack thereof). March 11, 2020 Melania twitter respond to the virus, inviting Americans to “follow CDC recommendations.” The First Lady also contributed to "social distance." While the advice was certainly helpfulTwitter indicated that it is slowly responding to a pandemic. Single user wrote"Oh brother. You are late for Madame Ball."

While some beat the first lady for her delay in responding, there were many comments that were completely unrelated to the virus. Some wrote things like “Go away,” while others noticed"Melania, do what you do best, nothing." Seeing how she was only trying to give advice that, in her opinion, was useful, the hateful, irrelevant comments addressed to the first lady seem cruel and completely unnecessary.

Taking into account the fact that members of the first family live under a microscope (each of their movements is selected on social networks), the prospect of Barron Trump ever leading a “normal” life at this moment seems almost impossible. Moreover, if you leave him alone in a sports game, he will be able to feel like a normal child for several hours, so be it.

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