The reason Britney Spears chided her haters on Instagram

In light of all this negativity, this is not surprising Britney Spears I decided post office something in return. She started by referring to a photograph of her swimsuit, explaining: “I read a lot on the Internet of people criticizing my posts … saying that I post the same 15 photos with the same red background and in the same white swimsuit. "Spears continued:" As for me, I am very excited about my messages … and I like to share them with all of you !!!! I have never had a white swimsuit, and I just liked the red background !! !! " Then the pop star frankly said: “Reading all the vile comments really hurts my feelings … and I wanted to share them, because you really shouldn't say all these vile things to someone you don’t even know.” …. this valid for bullying anyone !!!!!!

Spears ended her post with a note about difficult times, perhaps referring to the coronavirus pandemic, “The difficult times we are going through must teach us to be kind to each other …. she said. "I love you all …. be safe …. and be nice !!!!!"

Fortunately, many fans commented on Spears' love and support, but she should never have to explain herself. If people do not want to see her cute photo shoots, then perhaps they should unsubscribe. Hate is not needed!

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