The real reason why Kevin Durant's bride left him

Although Kevin Durant did not specify what he meant, saying that he did not like Monica Wright correctly, according to her, this could have something to do with her beliefs. More precisely, this could be partly due to the fact that it is very religious. During an interview that was originally published Risen magazine in 2014, Wright said that it was she who decided to break up with Durant, and told why she had finished.

“Yes, in my last relationship [with Durant] I had to decide to compromise myself as a woman,” Wright said. “I had to decide to break up with a relationship that many thought I was losing my mind. I had a lot of criticism. ”

Despite the fact that others did not understand, Wright continued: “But I think that God supported me in this. Because I adhere to what I know to be true, this is what God will reward instead of what people on earth think. ” good catch. "Although Wright is not currently married, she may one day find someone who loves her right, and hopefully Durant will also find someone who appreciates the way he loves.

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