The real reason Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson split up

Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson often worked together on many projects, and Ferguson was co-director 45 minute movie she released the 2019 album When I Get Home, as well as music videos for her 2016 singles "Cranes in the sky" and "Do not touch my hair."

Sounds like a strong partnership, huh? Well, Solange was not at first sure about that. In January 2017 Poll published a chat between Beyoncé and Solange, in which the youngest singer claimed to be nervous about working with Ferguson, fearing that this would change their loving dynamics at home.

“I remember how many years ago I told you that I wanted to work with him, but I was scared because I felt that, by the grace of God, our relationship is the only thing I can count on to be whole and firm.” Solange told Beyoncé, adding: “When I go out into the world, I know that when I come home I will find peace with him. And I didn’t want any variable to interrupt it. ”

As Solange showed in an interview, it was Beyoncé who assured her that working with her romantic partner was a good idea. “And you actually encouraged it and said,“ I swear you guys will be fine, and probably will do the best job you have ever done, because you love and respect each other and each other’s vision ” . "Recalled Solange.

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