The Dark Truth About Gillian Michaels

If there is anything that Gillian Michaels needs to consider in order to change, then perhaps this is her tendency to share her opinion, no matter what — especially because social reaction sometimes suppresses what her message really is. So, why do Michaels comments sometimes make people see red? Well, simply put, her pearls of wisdom sometimes seem condescending.

One of the worst culprits? Instagram video she wrote about veganism in December 2019, in which Biggest loser the alum started with hoarseness: “I am an animal lover, and I also admit that being a vegan is one of the best things we can do for the environment.” Then she refused the following: “But I can’t tell you that any research I’ve ever done with endocrinologists, or even dermatologists or registered nutritionists, would suggest that being a vegan is great.” While everyone, of course, has the right to their own opinion, Michaels then suggested that vegans should do instead, for example, from time to time indulge in meat or eat eggs from "super happy chickens that live life."

Naturally, some of Michaels fans were not happy with her advicethat was immediately flagged as clueless. “You really believe in a bull that comes out of your mouth,” one user wrote. “Oh Gillian, oooooooo,” begged the other, adding: “You are killing me here … From you, from all the people who are usually so well informed. Please PLEASE do better. ” Not the best view, Gillian.

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