Tara Zandvliet, San Diego Doctor Who Doled Out 1,000 Vaccine Exemptions, Faces Medical Board Charges

A San Diego doctor who has written about 1,000 vaccine exemptions since 2015 faces charges of repeated negligence on the part of the Medical Board of California.

Dr. Tara Zandvliet is San Diego's greatest physician for the anti-vaxxer movement, especially in schools in the city, where she wrote nearly a third of vaccine exemptions for kids. Now state health authorities are questioning their methods by filing a four-part complaint the voice of San Diego, accusing him of serious and repeated negligence, of non-record keeping and unprofessional conduct.

In 2016, the father of a four-year-old girl sought Zandvliet's help to exempt her daughter from the vaccines, according to the state's lawsuit filed this month. The girl, called patient A, had already received some vaccines, without any of the undesirable effects that the anti-vaccination movement can cause with vaccination.

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