Stats apart, Carmelo Anthony, Path Blazers inspired by season debut

NEW ORLEANS – With only one morning shootout – no teammates, no less – Carmelo Anthony took to the floor as a starter tuesday evening for Portland Trail Blazers,

It was a process that lasted more than a year. The last time he played in the NBA game on November 8, 2018 with Houston rockets, in fact. And at that time there were times when Anthony did not think that he would again receive a word in the NBA. But when all this was said and done, despite the statistics, Anthony was glad to be in shape, participate in competitions and shoot again.

“It was great to be back in the game, back to the court, back to where I think I belong,” Anthony said after losing 115-104. New Orleans Pelicans, “Just being there again with the guys. “I think the most routine — the team bus, the team lunch, the presence of guys around the locker room — is just the routine I got used to 17 years ago.” … so back to that. As for the game, it was nice to be back there. "

Portland played Monday night in Houston, so in the background the back-to-back team did not conduct a traditional shootout in New Orleans on Tuesday morning. Instead, it was a coaching staff helping 10 times acclimatize All-Star to the new system … in a hurry.

Portland didn't take long to find Anthony when the game was over. In Portland's very first possession, Anthony, who received a warm welcome from the crowd at the Smoothie King Center, tried to push the pelicans forward. Kenrich williamsBut the passage was late, and Williams stepped forward to steal.

The next time, when down the court, the crime again reached Anthony when he tried to score a goal from the top of the circle. He hit the back of the rim.

The third time was a charm, however, Anthony made 3 on the left side of the court, just above the break for his first NBA points in 376 days.

In general, he finished with 10 points on shooting 4 out of 14. He hit a pair of 3 pointers and there were no trips on the free-throw line. However, Portland coach Terry Stotts said he felt “very encouraged” by the chances that Anthony was getting everywhere.

“Honestly, I thought he looked good,” Stotts said. “I thought offensively, he got looks, he looked good at the basket. I thought it was contaminated at least two or three times, bringing it to the basket. Then he left empty, so that was reflected in his (stat) line. But I thought that for the morning shootout I thought it was pretty good. "

Anthony, who finished with five fouls, said that part of the adjustment at this end of the court will go with studying how the game has changed over the past year.

“The physical nature of the game has changed,” he said. "The way they call the game, the way they play it, has changed, so you almost have to adapt again."



Carmelo Anthony says that returning to the court was very pleasant, and describes the tense hours that preceded his debut.

Anthony really finished with the worst minus 20 team at night, but the Stotts said that the Blazers, on the whole, did not fulfill what he wanted on the defensive. It is difficult to put only one player, and even more so debuting in the season.

“Listen, as a band, we were not very good,” said the Stotts. “We had a lot of misunderstandings, so I don’t know. When we were as poor as in defense, I think it’s hard to really look at one guy. ”

Before the game, Stotts was asked if he sees Anthony as a beginner, and answered: "I do not understand why not." Anthony agreed, saying that the Blazers had been in advance with him about his potential playing time.

“It was something that was installed outside (the gate),” said Anthony. “When we had this phone call, it was“ Let's be transparent. ” This has been a misunderstanding over the past two seasons regarding my role and what is expected of me. It was an important moment in the conversation with these guys: be transparent.

“This is not something I don’t want to do, but just let me know in advance, and whatever it is, just let me know. Put it all on the table and we will go from there. Nothing was called into question. “Well, we want you to come in, we want you to play, we want you to start, we want you to start.”

"That was that, and that was the big reason why I made this decision."

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