Saints at Buccaneers last rating: Jameis Winston intercepted 4 occasions, Kamara dominates on the bottom

Saints from New Orleans were able to move 8-2 in the season after defeating the Tampa Bay Pirates (3-7) 34-17 at Raymond James Stadium in the 11th week. After the jump, the Saints were able to take control of this game. They struggled to get into the final zone early and agreed to two field goals, but after the secondary player was able to get an interception in a reassigned pass with a difficult end Bucs O.J. Howard, Drew Brice managed to contact Michael Thomas for the first touchdown of the game. From there, the Saints were able to climb as much as 20 points in the first half.

Ultimately, there was too much of this hole for Tampa to overcome, even with a late attempt to return in the second half. Jamis Winston fought and finished with four interceptions this afternoon. One of them led to peak 6, which led to the fact that the game in the fourth quarter lasted a little over five minutes.

Winston was unable to detect how he throws a deep ball in this game, and this is one of the reasons Mike Evans and Chris Godwin teamed up for just one catch in the first half. He threw 313 yards a day, but that big passing result hardly tells the story of his troubles, attacking minor Saints who did not have a wounded star corner of Marshon Lattimore.

Alvin Camara also played an important role in the victory of New Orleans, as he threw 75 yards at 11 Kerry to go along with 10 receptions at 47 yards.

From here, the Saints will travel back to New Orleans to fight the Carolina Panther, and Buchs will travel to Atlanta to fight the Falcons in the 12th week.

Be sure to come back here, as this post will turn into a note about this victory for New Orleans. To see how it all unfolds in real time, check out our live blog below.

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