Royal pal confirms the gap between Harry and William

Journalist Tom Bradby discussed the alleged split between Prince Harry and Prince William on Good morning britain January 8, 2020. “There are many people … including, I think, the brothers themselves (who would like) to be closer again. And with luck, it will happen, ”he said (through Us weekly.) "But with families we all know that something is happening, something is being said."

These comments are intriguing, but vague. Bradby didn't take into account exactly what it was said between Harry and William. When host Pierce Morgan said: “And a public family dispute cannot be easy,” Bradby said: “And also a family dispute in a family firm. You work in a large family-owned company, everyone has their own wishes and desires and ambitions, and if they must be balanced, and it is very difficult. "

Let's make it clear: there was no mention of Prince William in Harry and Megan's groundbreaking project Instagram post published the same day as the Bradby interview. Instead, the duke and duchess of Sussex said that giving up royal duties and sharing their time between Great Britain and North America "will allow (them) to raise (their) son with appreciation for the royal tradition in which he was born, while also providing ( their) family opportunity to focus on the next chapter. " They claimed that they would still "fully support Her Majesty."

But will they also support Prince William, who comes second after the throne?

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