Regina is preparing for a successful rejection of the Gray Cup

The hope for the 2020 Gray Cup in Regine is quickly dying away, as CFL is hinting at the abolition of the season.

Canadian Football League Commissioner Randy Ambrosi testified before the House of Commons Finance Committee on Thursday.

He first acknowledged that the most likely scenario for CFL is the canceled season of 2020, and at best a much shorter season.

He previously asked the federal government for help up to $ 150 millionto cope with the effect of stopping the coronavirus pandemic on the league.

Regina Mayor Michael Fougeres said that the canceled season will have a significant financial impact not only on Saskatchewan, but also on the entire city with Regina. scheduled to host the Gray Cup in November this year,

The cancellation will affect the city’s services sector, including hotels, restaurants and bars, he said.

“Every professional team in the world has a pandemic problem, and this is causing disruptions everywhere,” he said.

“So I’m not surprised to hear this, but of course I’m disappointed.”

Millions at stake for city and province

According to Fougeres, the celebration of the Gray Cup will bring $ 16 million to the city and another $ 25 million to the province.

“We’ll wait and see what happens,” said Fougeres.

“I hope we have some season this year, and the Gray Cup is here. But that does not look promising. “

Regina Mayor Michael Fougeres says he hopes Saskatchewan Roughriders will play this season, but he does not expect him to start before September. He spoke to CBC via Zoom on Friday. (Cbc)

Tourism Saskatchewan said celebrating the 2013 Greek Cup in Regina boosted the province’s economy by $ 93 million.

In early March, Saskatchewan Tourism provided a grant of $ 3 million to Roughriders for the 2020 event. The Gray Cup Festival Committee got half that.

“There is a wording in our contract that refers to termination,” said Tourism Saskatchewan CEO Mary Taylor Ash in a CBC email.

“If the 2020 Gray Cup festival is canceled due to the health risks associated with COVID-19 and major public events, Saskatchewan Tourism will refund any money paid.”

Saskatchewan Roughriders forwarded a request to the CBC for comments on the CFL, which did not respond before the deadline.

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