Pitch Perfect & # 39; s Brittany Snow marries Tyler Stanaland

Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland got engaged in early 2019, according to E! news, The couple began dating in 2018 as a result of the fact that the Instagram brand bounced back, as Snow recalled. people“We had a lot of mutual friends, and he actually turned to me on Instagram with a very lame pickup line.” Lame or not, she and the 30-year-old realtor started this, and the rest is history.

As for a little more understanding of their wedding, the actress said people on the eve of the big day: “There will definitely be tacos and other food that we like, the atmosphere is very comfortable. Everyone should feel that they just picked him up when he was drunk one night and wanted fried pasta with cheese or something else. ” ". That sounds awesome! In the end, Snow told the magazine: "Everyone should have the best time they have ever had at this wedding, this is what we are trying to do."

Based on descriptions from E!Witness, they have definitely achieved this. “Brittany and Tyler held hands as they made their vows with their dog Billy on the sides. At the end of the ceremony, they held umbrellas and posed for photographs, ”the source said. “Then they walked through the vineyard with their wedding party and fried champagne and beer. They both looked very happy and excited about their day. ” Greetings to these newlyweds!

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