NHL franchise expansion Seattle features “Kraken” as team name

The new NHL team has finally got its name: the Seattle Kraken.

The franchise expansion revealed its pseudonym on Thursday, ending 19 months of speculation about whether the team could lean on the traditional or eccentric name of the league’s 32nd team.

“Kraken is a fan-born name. It was suggested and supported by fans, ”said Seattle CEO Tod Leiveke.

Choosing a sea creature from Scandinavian folklore, Seattle bypassed options such as the Sockeyes, Evergreens or Metropolitans, the latter of which would be a tribute to Seattle’s hockey history. Some fans even pushed the team to try and get the Thunderbirds name from the local junior team.

But the Kraken was a clear favorite among fans who rallied around the title shortly after the expansion franchise was awarded in December 2018. Since then, enthusiasm has grown as the team built their debut in the 2021-22 season.

This is annoying and threatening. And that gave the franchise a clear brand for the future.

“Genuine and noble”

“I think we felt it was so authentic and noble, and we hit all the major things we really wanted, that we really strongly believe that this is the right choice,” said Heidi Dettmer, Seattle’s vice president of marketing. Associated Press. “I totally fell in love with this brand and I think our fans will be.”

Seattle has also unveiled its primary colors, which will be navy blue – almost black – and a lighter shade of blue as a complement.

Seattle fan Max Rubin, despite his New York jersey, showed support for the Kraken name when the team’s expansion was announced in 2018. (Associated Press)

Unlike the latest NHL expansion team in Las Vegas, the Kraken shouldn’t have any trademark issues. The Golden Knights of Vegas were in trouble with the US Army and it took several years to resolve the trademark battle.

The Seattle name was expected to be revealed for several months, only to face delays. It was originally supposed to be released late last year with the hopes that the products would hit the market before the holidays.

Then it was believed that in January a break in the NHL All-Star was possible. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, where the original epicenter in the United States was the Seattle area.

Dettmer said the name itself was chosen around the first year. Since then, time has been spent creating primary and secondary logos while working with the unified league supplier Adidas.

Nick Corbett, NHL’s director of liaison with Adidas, said the main logo is the S-shaped kraken tentacle, which is a nod to the Seattle Metropolitans logo. The Metropolitans were the first American team to win the Stanley Cup in 1917.

“We needed a badge that was honorable and (Seattle GM) Ron Francis was the one who kept hitting this house,” Corbett told AP. “It must be noble, it must be strong.”

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