Movie villains who were arrested for real crimes

Ever since he became a teenager star with his role as Brand in the 1985 adventure film, Goonies, Josh Brolin kicking around Hollywood. In early adulthood, he went to television on shows such as Young Ridersbefore faking a huge comeback in criticizing how American gangster, Old people have no place here, and Milk,

For the last Brolin got his first Academic award candidacy for the role of Dan White, a real city observer who killed his supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone. Just a few years later Brolin got into one of the biggest supervillain roles of all timeproviding the basis for Thanos’s genocidal monster Marvel cinematic universe appearing in guardians of the galaxy and three Avengers movies.

But back to December 20, 2004, when the Los Angeles police answered a call at a house in West Los Angeles that Brolin shared with his second wife, Diane Lane. Lane called the police after he allegedly hit her people, Marvel star was arrested and charged with a marital battery, then sent it on bail of $ 20,000. However, a spokesman for the couple, Kelly Bush, said New York Daily News (through peopleAll this was a “misunderstanding," because Lane did not even want Brolin to be arrested. “But in cases involving the possibility of any physical contact,” Bush added, “the police must first arrest, then ask questions.” Although there were no more such alleged incidents, Brolin and Lane divorced in 2013,

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