Michelle Williams secretly married Thomas Cale?

The relationship of Michelle Williams with Heath Ledger was a food for lovers of romance, despite the fact that both stars seemed incredibly awkward. Two even appeared on Oprah along with their Brokeback Mountain and ultimately “grumbled [retrieved] and wriggled [grinned] … as the world's most powerful talk show host … explored their love affair”, according AgePerhaps because of this unenviable outcome, Williams apparently decided to keep her relationship relatively private – and we do not just mean her possible secret marriage with Thomas Cale.

Williams "married singer-songwriter Phil Elverum at a secret ceremony in Adirondack" in 2018, ABC News reported at the time. The wedding was so private, "that the only ones who witnessed the ceremony were several friends and two daughters of a couple from a previous relationship."

However, the relationship between Williams and Elverum clearly did not last long and couple broke up in 2019 after less than a year of marriage. At the same time, it seems that experience did not spoil Williams' taste for secret marriages, as her relationship with Cale seems to prove.

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