John Cusack puts forward a bold coronavirus conspiracy theory

After followers criticized John Cusack for his unsubstantiated claims, he responded with another tweet removed since then (via the US. underground), writing: “Very instructive. Suggest new widely used technology – maybe harmful – hysteria! Um, asbestos? Anyone Nuclear – Freaking? You (so) behave like the damn sheep – this is the foundation – not the conspiracy. " "

underground notes that coronavirus spreads to areas where there are no 5G networks such as Iran, adding that claims like Cusack were rejected as "dangerous nonsense" Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers Gove.

Over the past few weeks, other celebrities have also been criticized for their inappropriate responses to coronavirus. In the Norm MacDonald talk show episode on YouTube, Quarantined with Norma MacDonald, in April 2020, Rosanna Barr said: “I think they are just trying to get rid of my entire generation. The female boomers who, as you know, have inherited them, you know, are widows. They inherited the money, so they got to go where the money is, and find a way to get it from people. "

In the same time, Vanessa Hudgens is in trouble for Instagram Live, where a fan noted that the quarantine period could last until the summer, and Hudgens responded (via E! news): "…" Until July, it sounds like a bunch of bulls ** t. Sorry, but as if it were a virus. I understand. I respect that. But at the same time, even if everyone gets it, how, yes, people will die, which is terrible, but inevitable. "

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