Jennifer Jones was ready to pounce when Lisa Wigle suddenly became a star free agent

It is time for Lisa Wigl to join forces with Olympic champion Jennifer Jones.

In anticipation of their stunning alliance in mid-March, Jones’s skating rink was planning to move into a five-man team. Although Jones considered this a rarity, he could help if any curlers on the rink become pregnant or get injured. It would also mean that you already know and play with the fifth, which is required if you are applying for the Olympic Games.

In the meantime, the Whigle finished her performance in the first star of the first team as team leader Rachel Homan at Scotty 2020. The rink finished second. However, in less than a month, Homan told Weagle that their 11-year partnership had ended.

“It was like the clouds were parting and the sun was rising, and that was the moment,” said Jones to Anastasia Buxis of CBC Sports on Tuesday. Jones will be featured in the Player’s Own Voice podcast, which will begin in season three on May 12th.

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Wagle’s decision to join the Jones team was made the same day that the women’s world curling championship was canceled due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

However, Jones said it took just one conversation to figure out that Beagle, a 35-year-old Ottawa native, would do.

“She’s just the salt of the earth, a great man, very smart, very intuitive in curling, a great work ethic, a great teammate,” Jones said. “I can’t say enough good words about her, and only a few weeks passed, and we were never together on the ice.”

Regarding the dynamics of the five-man team, Jones said that she hoped that she would develop, given that the main goal of this security system was to prepare for the unexpected.

“I think you will see that more and more teams will try to join a team of five people, in which you will change players and save some parts of the body and some injuries, as well as to ensure that you are healthy by participating in your biggest competitions. ” Jones said.

With the increase in the number of games added to the curling schedule from August to May, the physical blow that the curler body takes has never been so big.

Lisa Wigl (right) said she was shocked by the decision of the Homean team to move forward without her after a successful 11-year run. (Andrew Wogan / Canadian Press)

“I do not think it will be embarrassing”

Wigl was with the Homan team for their appearance at the 2018 Olympics, victory at the World Cup and three Scottis titles.

It took her less than a week after she was circumcised to find a new home with Jones.

“This is a truly reputable team with such an amazing competitive resume,” said Whigle in an interview with The Canadian Press in March. “I knew that if I was going to play, I wanted it to be for a team that had the potential to win. “I want to win another Scotty, and I want to win the test and return to the Olympics.”

“I’m not afraid to say that, like Jen. That was a big part of my decision. ”

As Olympic trials approached the end of 2021, Canadian ice rinks made more moves than ever to ensure that everyone puts out the best team.

Former champion Scottis Chelsea Carey dismissed the entire ice rink, while Kevin Co lost the third Colton Flash after only one year of working together.

But with the closure of the sports world due to the pandemic, all newly formed teams can now wait.

And when the curlers finally return to the rink, it will be a long time before the curling world relishes the long-awaited Jones fight against Homan.

“We are an amateur sport, and we all get along well – as if we see each other every week, week – so I don’t think it will be awkward, and I think that everything will be fine with Lisa,” Jones said.

“I still think she wants to beat them when we play them now, when she is in the Jones team.”

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