Jackie Kennedy's pink Chanel costume had a top secret

Just as her clothes were used politically when John F. Kennedy was alive, Jackie Kennedy used her wardrobe to send a powerful message after the murder of her husband.

In accordance with people“Mrs. Kennedy wore a blood-soaked suit from the time her husband was shot at 12:30 pm Connecticut on November 22, 1963 until the early morning of the next day. She was in a suit during the oath. President Lyndon B. Johnson in BBC-1 en route to Washington, about two hours after her husband was killed, although she had to repeatedly change the suit that was covered in President Kennedy’s blood, Mrs. Kennedy insisted: “Let them will see what they have done. "

In 2003 Kennedy's Daughter, Caroline B. Kennedy, donated a lawsuit to the National Archives, as well as several other items belonging to her famous parents. According to National Archivethe suit is stored in a “safe place, in climate controlled conditions, and stored on level ground in special containers for conservation purposes." At Caroline’s request, “Mrs. Kennedy’s access to clothing and personal items is restricted for one hundred (100) years from the date of the gift act.”

Although the famous costume of the first lady was not created by a world famous designer, he certainly became a symbolic symbol of this tragic moment in American history.

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