Google is bringing its free Google Play rewards program to the US

Google announced today its free rewards program for Google Play will be rolled out next week in the US (via Android CentralGoogle indicates that the program, called Google Play Points, will earn you Play Points for everything you buy on Google Play, as well as download free apps and free games. Google Play Points was launched for the first time in Japan in September 2018 and in South Korea in April 2019. according to TechCrunchGoogle says that "millions" of people have joined the program.

If you sign up, you will be able to redeem game points for "special items and discounts" in certain games, or even Google Play credits, according to Google. You can also define your point of view in favor of a "rotating list" of non-profit organizations – the initial list is Doctors Without Borders USA, Save the Children and the World Food Program in the United States.

Image: Google

There is four levels in the rewards program – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum – and each new level offers better benefits, such as more points for every dollar you spend or the opportunity to get weekly prizes. It also seems that Google will offer occasional Play Points promotions. for starters, it offers triple points on everything you buy for the first week of the program.

While Google continues to compete with the Apple App Store, the incentives offered by Google Play Points could encourage users to buy more through the Play Store. Google has also recently introduced the Google Play Pass, which bundles 350 games and apps for $ 4.99 a month – a system similar to Apple Arcade, but with standard apps in addition to games.

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