Ellen DeGeneres show has changed the lives of these people

Since debuting in a talk show in 2003, Ellen DeGeneres has not forgotten about the people who help make him an award-winning hit: her hardworking staff. Therefore, when one of its producers decided to ask a life-changing question, the comedian was more than happy to help make this moment magical.

Back in 2011, Aaron Pinkston's girlfriend, field producer, Jen (who also turned out to be the assistant to DeGeneres’s wardrobe), thought he was covering a lively story across the country for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, During a live recording, the presenter asked Jen to help her on stage under the guise of faulty clothes. “It must be difficult that he is in Chicago. He must be here, ”DeGeneres said Pinkston, to which Jen agreed. And clearly, what DeGeneres believes, she gets! Pinkston, looking cheerful, putting on a black suit and tie, suddenly appeared on the left stage and dropped to one knee to offer his very taken aback girl.

"You are my everything, do you know that?" he told her, as DeGeneres watched from the side. “You are my heart and my soul. And I want nothing more in life than to spend the rest of my life with you, okay? Will you marry me?" The audience burst into applause, and as soon as Pinkston was convinced that Jen said yes, he cut off their boss and his crime partner, "She got you!"

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