CPL and CEBL Join Canadian Football League to Help Provide Federal Assistance Against Pandemic

The Canadian Premier League and the Elite Basketball League of Canada joined the Canadian Football League, appealing to the federal government for financial assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CBC Sports has confirmed that the CPL requires the government $ 15 million, and CEBL – 5 million.

“Lack of income means lack of jobs for our 400 full-time employees and another 1,600 part-time workers that we hire throughout our season,” the CBC Sports e-mails a CPL message.

“We were faced with a very significant and unforeseen income deficit caused by the global pandemic, and we turned to the federal government for financial assistance.”

Earlier on Wednesday, CFL confirmed that he was looking for up to $ 150 million. US in the form of federal assistance – $ 30 million. The United States immediately to cope with the impact that the pandemic had on the league’s business, and up to $ 120 million. USA in the event of a lost 2020 campaign.

A CPL of eight teams was preparing for the second season, which was due to begin on April 11th. The season was delayed indefinitely.

Now the CPL asks what he calls “short-term financing,” while they ponder what a return to the game might look like.

“CPL works on all scenarios without exception when it comes to playing in the 2020 season,” said CPL.

“The Canadian Premier League fully supports measures taken by all levels of government and relevant healthcare institutions to combat the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, due to measures that prevent us from playing matches right now, we have no income as a league. “

Hamilton Forge FC players take to the stands to celebrate with fans after the Canadian Premier League final victory over Calgary Cavalry FC in 2019. (Jeff Mackintosh / Canadian Press)

In an interview two weeks ago, CPL Commissioner David Clanachan said the league is not going anywhere.

“We see a big goal here. We are here to stay, ”he said.

“In the end, we are talking about one thing. We said it would be a league for Canadians, Canadians, and we remained true to that. ”

Eight teams include FC Cavalry (Calgary), FC Edmonton, FC Forge (Hamilton, Ontario), HFX Wanderers (Halifax), FC Pacific (Langford, British Columbia), FC Valor (Winnipeg), FC York 9 (York Region, Ontario) .) and the expansion of Atletico Ottawa.

“I do not think this is terrible.”

As for CEBL, Commissioner Mike Morreale confirmed to CBC Sports that he turned to the government for a $ 5 million loan more than a week ago.

“It covers the cost of doing business throughout the year, not including players and basketball players,” Morreale said.

“This loan helps us bridge the gap if there is no season.”

Morreale says that because of their operating model, they were not able to access any funding through current government programs.

“We reviewed all the programs available to us, and based on how we are organized as a corporate organization, we simply fall out of the thresholds in terms of loans for small businesses,” he said.

Fans cheer for Saskatchewan Rattlers, who won the first Canadian high-end basketball league in August. “We were able to open a new league in the country, which is damn big, and do it successfully,” says Mike Morreale, Director General and League Commissioner. (Submitted by CEBL)

In mid-April, CEBL announced that the start of the season, which should begin in May, was delayed, at least until June. Morreale says they will continue to update when the season can begin on a monthly basis.

Hopes were high in the sophomore season of CEBL – in the offseason, the league announced the addition of Ottawa blackjacks. League with seven teams – with Hamilton, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Guelf, Ontario, Fraser Valley (Abbotsford, British Columbia) and St. Catharines, Ontario. (Niagara River Lions) – competes with 70 percent of the 10-player rosters made up of Canadians.

“I do not think this is terrible. It is about access to funds. We are conducting a business that is still entrepreneurial, ”said Morreale.

“When you ask for money at a time when there are so many other things that are more important, I can understand people’s feelings and feel awkward about this.”

Morreale says the league held its first meeting with government officials on Tuesday, and was optimistic about the conversation.

“We needed to find the right people so that they knew where we are,” he said. “It’s not about playing basketball. It is about ensuring that our work and all our offices are open. We have a lot of people. ”

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