Celebrities who have been caught selling fake coronavirus drugs

Jim Bakker Lead Jim Bakker Showhas been selling its Silver Mortar at least since the beginning of 2019. Then he wildly claimed that a liquid silver product could cure every STI (yes, all of them!). With this in mind, it is not surprising that he began promoting the product as a cure for coronavirus in February 2020.

“Well, let's say it was not tested on this strain of coronavirus, but it was tested on other strains of coronavirus and was able to eliminate it within 12 hours,” Bakker said on February 12, 2020. episode of his show (through NPR) His guest, “natural health expert” Sherrill Sellman, added that the Silver Solution “is capable of killing all the pathogens he has ever tested for, including SARS and HIV.” A message on the screen was advertising four bottles of 4 ounces for $ 80 each.

Selling fake coronavirus drugs is against state and federal laws, so Missouri, where his company is located, is being sued by Bakker. In addition, New York Attorney General Letizia James sent him letter of termination and abstinenceand the FDA sent him a warning remove products from your site. The colloidal silver that is part of Bakker products has been discredited by both FDA and Nih,

Fortunately, the Bakker site no longer sells the solution. However, he is not the only known person to use his platform to deceive people during this pandemic.

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