Celebrities take extreme measures to quarantine itself

Charles Barkley did not feel well after several days in New York. According to New york postHe arrived in Atlanta and received advice to stay home. Barkley said: "I talked with a couple of people in Turner and a couple of doctors, and they said that I myself would remain in quarantine for the next 48 hours." The NBA star continued: “I started yesterday. This is my second day. I didn’t feel very well, and they didn’t want me to risk it. I went to the coronavirus test late in the afternoon. I don’t have results coming back yet. "

Other athlete cristiano ronaldo, decided to quarantine after teammate Daniele Rugani confirmed that he has COVID-19, according to peopleRonaldo was already in Madeira, Portugal, where he visited his mother, who had recently suffered a stroke. The football star decided to stay there.

Actress Tori Spelling shared on Instagram that she also feels sick, although there is no evidence that she is COVID-positive. As Vanity Fair indicated that the mother of five children was openly concerned about the lack of toilet paper in the house and added: “We have seven cigarette butts.” Fortunately, her husband Dean McDermott brought home, earning the title of “rock star” for his services.

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