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Studies show that almost all high school teachers are very stressed

Posted at January 28, 2020

Herman is one of the directors of the Missouri Prevention Research Institute, located at the Department of Education, School Psychology and Counseling, MU College... Read More

How to take a shot of a light pulse

Posted at January 27, 2020

Two laser pulses enter the silicon dioxide crystal. Credit: Vienna University of Technology, TU Vienna Until now, sophisticated experimental equipment has been required to... Read More

Study points to “unintended consequences” of heavy rugby data surveillance

Posted at January 27, 2020

Credit: CC0 Public Domain According to a new study, the Big Brother Rugby data culture driven by performance management threatens to create increased distrust,... Read More

Topological defects give rise to exotic mechanics in complex metamaterials

Posted at January 27, 2020

A perfectly composed metamaterial is soft: it is completely deformed when you compress it. Both experiments and simulations showed this. However, with a topological... Read More

Siberian Neanderthals were fearless nomads

Posted at January 27, 2020

Chagyrskaya cave in the south of Siberia in Altai. Credit: MAET New study published today on the Internet at Proceedings of the National Academy... Read More

The discovery of a new interfacial liquid-liquid deformation with partial miscibility

Posted at January 27, 2020

(a) Phase diagram of the 8000-Na2SO4-water PEG system and the solution systems used in this study. Region I is a single-phase region, and region... Read More

Victims of mass atrocities are often portrayed as powerless in international law.

Posted at January 27, 2020

Doctoral student Nadia Valentina Tapia Navarro, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki. Courtesy: University of Helsinki. According to a doctoral dissertation by Nadia Valentina... Read More

Detection of very high frequency magnetic resonance can revolutionize electronics

Posted at January 27, 2020

Jing Shi is a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California, Riverside. Courtesy: I. Pittalwala, UC Riverside. A... Read More

Interactive map of mass riots around the world shows non-violent work

Posted at January 27, 2020

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The Weatherhead Center for International Relations at Harvard University has released a new interactive map listing all the massive uprisings... Read More

Quantum computers offer a different perspective on classical physical concepts.

Posted at January 27, 2020

The probability associated with the wave function of the universe is calculated using Qiskit. The vertical axis indicates the probability of a particular configuration... Read More

UK introduces new visa scheme for scientists after Brexit

Posted at January 27, 2020

Credit: CC0 Public Domain On Sunday, the United Kingdom announced a new expedited visa scheme for leading scientists, researchers, and mathematicians as it prepares... Read More

The mathematician offers a new criterion for solving the Boussinesq equations

Posted at January 25, 2020

Credit: RUDN University A university mathematician at RUDN University has proposed a new criterion for solving the Boussinesq equations. These equations describe the nonlinear... Read More

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