Canadian Desiree Scott quits NWSL Challenge Cup for personal reasons

Four months have passed since COVID-19 suspended the sports world. For the Canadian midfielder Desiree Scott, this was full of uncertainty.

First, the Tokyo Olympics has been postponed. Then, her season of the National Women’s Football League was temporarily suspended. And now that its Utah Royals members are starting their journey in the Challenge League Cup, the 32-year-old native of Winnipeg has announced that she will not play for personal reasons.

“This game is all I know, and it is important to my heart,” she wrote on Twitter. “But one thing that is closer and more expensive and has always been in the first place is my family. Unfortunately, I will not play in the Challenge Cup. In addition, I’m disappointed that today I won’t enter this field, but we will see you soon. ”

A Canadian football spokeswoman said Scott was back in Winnipeg.

WATCH | Portland Thorns and North Carolina Courage players kneel before the match:

Portland Thorns and North Carolina Courage hit their knees during the national anthem on Saturday, when the National Women’s Football League opened the Challenge Cup in Utah. 2:01

Scott, a two-time Olympic bronze medalist nicknamed the Destroyer for playing the brick wall, is one of the oldest members of the Canadian side with 156 traffic jams in her name.

To say that it was a different summer than she expected would be an understatement. Last week, she told CBC Sports that her biggest problem in the last four months was to answer some difficult questions about her future.

“I am one of the oldest players in my team, be it Canada or Utah Royals, and for a long time I continued to wonder where this course is, how long it will last?

“You look at your career and think:“ I’m retiring, is it time to hang shoes? “I think that finding this motivation, whether I continue to continue, was probably the hardest part of this time.”

If you’ve been following Scott’s football career, you know that she is proud to represent her hometown of Winnipeg, wherever she may be, whether professional stopping in England or the United States or traveling the world with Team Canada.

Scott Burnett Help Feed The Community

This takes on added significance with her recent participation in Mondelez International, the parent company of snack brands Ritz, Oreo and Cadbury. The company partnered with Scott and the three-time Olympic trampoline Jason Burnett to donate $ 40,000 to both Winnipeg Harvest Food Bank and the Daily Bread Food Bank in Etobicoca, Ontario.

The Feed Hope in Canada campaign also donated $ 75,000 to the Canadian Olympic Fund.

Scott said this would hit the house hard when you see that more than 70,000 Manitobans rely on food banks every month.

“Food is such a basic necessity. You understand that there are people who are struggling to meet their basic needs on a daily basis, ”she said. “The ability to be part of this relationship with Winnipeg Harvest is very important, especially now during Covid, where things can also be magnetized.”

Canadian midfielder Desiree Scott (11) waves to the crowd after a friendly match in 2016. Scott, a veteran with over 150 matches for Canada, admitted that stopping the sport because of COVID-19 made her think about the topic of retirement. (Aaron Vincent Elkaim / Canadian Press)

Burnett’s participation in the Daily Bread issue began in 2012 after the London Olympics. He volunteered every Friday for a year and a half in the storage room, organizing various food sections (fruits and vegetables, canned goods, bread, etc.) for customers.

But doing something on a larger scale makes sense.

“The communities I grew up in, including Etobicoke, helped me rise,” he said. “Over the years there has been great support. Without it, an athlete like me simply won’t gain the confidence to play in the international arena, or will not necessarily have the resources to even enter the international arena. ”

“I am truly grateful, so I feel that it is so important to support them in these difficult times.”

WATCH | Canadians goalkeeper Stephanie Labbe stands in Courage’s victory:

The excellent play of Canada goalkeeper and Canadian goalkeeper Stephanie Labbe ultimately led Lynn Williams to win as Courage defeated Portland Sheeps 2-1 at the NWSL Challenge Cup Opener in Herriman, Utah. 2:19

Burnett, who won a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, is in what he calls the transitional phase of his career.

The Olympic qualification in Tokyo was suspended due to a pandemic, and at the age of 33 years and the three Olympic Games already under his leadership, it is a big question whether he will go for one more. But now he enjoys his role as a mentor to the next generation of Canadian trampolines.

“It is important that they learn from Rosie’s experience [MacLennan] and I had in the past, so when it is their turn to shine and climb this international arena, they may be better prepared for the pressure that will go on them, ”Burnett said.

“I know that these athletes are very motivated, they are excited to accept these challenges. They do some really impressive things. I am very excited to see where they can go in for sports in the future. ”

Scott was looking forward to the Challenge Cup, saying that although she had mixed emotions about returning to sport among COVID-19, she felt safe in a bubble in Utah, where her royals and seven other NWSL teams conduct the Cup style of the world. tournament.

“There is so much going on in the world, it’s nice to have the opportunity to kick a soccer ball and play with friends again. To have such a social interaction, I am very happy and happy that I can do this, ”Scott said. before the announcement on Monday.

Although she has not yet entered the field, Scott is still happy from afar, especially her Canadian teammate Diane Matheson, who scored in the Royals match against Houston Dash.

“The first game in a year and a half for the royal family, and it starts with the GOAL. Proud teammate. ”

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